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A Swedish IT consultancy firm, initially sourcing its engineering talent from the local Swedish job market and supplementing with remote developers from North Macedonia, faced a crucial challenge: both the Swedish and North Macedonian engineering markets had become saturated. In response, the company pivoted its strategy towards Central and Eastern Europe, particularly aiming to explore the abundant talent pool in Poland.

Strategic Recruitment in IT: Expanding Horizons from Sweden to Poland.


The project presented a complex challenge: our client urgently needed to fill numerous vacancies in full-stack .NET developer and QA positions, a critical step to initiate the development process swiftly. However, the recruitment process was hindered by unclear and at times contradictory requirements for candidates. These conflicting specifications often did not align with the actual needs of the roles. Compounding this challenge was the client's firm emphasis on specific candidate qualities. They sought individuals who were not only technically proficient but also highly motivated, articulate in expressing their opinions, collaborative as team players, generally extroverted, and, above all, exceptional in their technical skills. Balancing these nuanced personal attributes with the technical demands of the roles required a meticulous and strategic approach in our recruitment process.


Our first step was to re-evaluate and propose new candidate requirements to the client. While the client had provided some initial criteria, our expertise suggested that certain demands were excessively stringent, potentially inflating the project's budget, and other crucial requirements were overlooked. We presented our refined recommendations to the client, who then made the final decision on these criteria, ensuring we targeted the right blend of skills and experience.

Understanding the client's team culture was another critical aspect. We delved into what motivates and demotivates their employees, the qualities they value in colleagues, and the types of personalities they prefer working with. This insight was vital in tailoring our recruitment strategy.

In the research phase, we used our database to identify candidates who not only had the necessary technical expertise but also matched the personality traits sought by the client. To broaden our search, we also explored LinkedIn, aiming to encompass as wide a range of potential candidates as possible. While technical skills were more straightforward to identify, personality traits required deeper assessment during the interview process.

During the interviews, conducted by our team members skilled in both technology and recruitment, we aimed to complete our evaluation within an hour. This approach, we believe, allows for a thorough assessment while respecting the candidate's time.

At OneQ, we endorse the concept of interviews being a mutual exchange of experiences, rather than a mere questionnaire. Although we ascertain technical knowledge, our interview style also helps us understand the candidate's thought process, personality, and working style.

As we progressed with the interviews, we continually forwarded the profiles of suitable candidates to the client, complete with our observations and assessments, particularly regarding technical abilities. Despite our non-quiz-like interview format, we consistently briefed the client on how each candidate demonstrated their understanding of specific subjects, along with their method of response.


This project was a valuable learning experience, emphasizing the importance of flexibility and a deep understanding of client needs in recruitment. We refined our approach by redefining candidate requirements and focusing on both technical skills and personality traits. The efficient interview process and emphasis on two-way communication provided deeper insights into candidates' suitability. These learnings have enhanced our recruitment strategies, ensuring we can effectively match client needs with the right talent, paving the way for successful projects and ongoing collaboration.

“Working with OneQ has been an absolute pleasure. Our company's rebranding was a huge success, thanks to their talent and dedication.”

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